Highlight of Last Week: Chihuly Exhibition

Last week, Phoebe and I went to see the Chihuly Exhibition at Montreal's Museum of Art. Phoebe had wanted to go for a long time but we never found a common time until recently. The price was 12$ for adults and they didn't offer student discounts (even though the website says otherwise).
The exhibition was pretty short but it was nothing short of extraordinary! The colors, the shapes, the intricacy and the scale of all the glass sculptures truly made Chihuly's exhibit unique in the glass blowing world!  

The Sun sculpture outside the museum. Although it was a gloomy day, this sculpture brightened the street and almost everyone that passed by took a picture of it : P

My favorite part was the Persian Ceilings! The glass sculptures look like seashells and jellyfish! 

The Chihuly exhibition is on display until October 20th! It is a real treat to see the sculptures in real life! It strikes me how humans are able to produce such beautiful things!