Transition Time

I feel that as I get older, I grow accustomed to a certain fashion style therefore I don't experiment as much as before. Certainly practicality is my number one priority while dressing up but last Sunday, I felt a bit more adventurous than usual. Combine that with a new parcel on my desk from Runway Bandits and you get this outfit:   

Fur Vest: Bershka (Japan)
Cardigan: Japan
Dress: Runway Bandits
Lace-up boots: G-market

I first learned about Runway Bandits, a Singaporean online shop while watching Jen Im from Clothes Encounters *LOVE HER*  I kept wondering where she got her awesome pieces and when I saw this dress, I knew I had to get it! If you've read my blog for the past few months, you know I love blue and I especially love a blue flower print on a white canvas! It reminds me of Santorini and porcelain china <3

This dress was 28.50 Singaporean dollars (roughly 23 CAD), which is a good price in my opinion. The shipping is 14$ for the first item and 4$ per additional item. Since I never ordered from them, I wanted to test it out so I only got this dress *real reason: I'm broke, that's alwayssss the real reason LOL* Shipping was a bit slow because it took the package almost 3 weeks to arrive : /

It was a pretty windy day and even though the sun shone brightly, it was still chilly... I should've worn skin colored tights cause it was coooolddd brrr~

Close-up of the print

Close-up of my shoes. I was gonna sell these this summer but in the end, the buyer didn't come at the meeting spot. So I've decided to keep them until I find the perfect pair of burgundy colored boots <3

On our way to Bernard street, we got lost (thanks to me). I swear I've been here a handful of times and I still get lost all the time :P

Miss Adri and I wanted to check out the vintage shops on Bernard street, upon entering a shop. This black cat just jumps on my boots and starts gnawing at my laces. The cat chewed my laces for a good 10 seconds before it decided that it's yucky : P

There was a garage sale going on in the streets so Adrienne scored a nice cream shawl for 3$!  When Adrienne took it out of her bag, the shawl was static-y, therefore it was reaching for Adrienne's finger like a baby reaches for its mama! It was so funny! Look at the fringe grabbing onto Adrienne's finger!

Go to Miss Adri's blog for a breakdown of her outfit of the day :)

Adrienne and I had talks about our dreams and goals in a coffee shop *as usual*. I always like to talk to Adrienne because we have similar aspirations. We pinned down our goals for the next two years while giggling at the thought of its enormous scale. With hard work and dedication, we're definitely gonna achieve our dreams!

Thanks to Miss Adri for all the pictures : )