Young Adults

Last weekend, I witnessed Adrienne's transition to young adulthood as she *literally* shedded her student identity (in the form of hair). Adrienne's officially a young adult now but I'm still enjoying my silly student antics! We booked an appointment at the haidressing academy Tornade; for about 12-15$, you can get a hair cut by professionally trained students! I can always count on Adrienne for bringing me to places with good deals : 3 I think I have found my go-to hair salon X-D *cheapoatheart*

I haven't gotten my hair cut ever since I impulsively decided to snip snip 10cm's off my hair during exam season (let's just say that I was too stressed out and the bajillion layers of my hair distracted me from studying properly)!

While I only got a trim, Adrienne got a whole new look!

White shirt: Zara
Black blazer: G-market
Green A-line skirt: Japan

I unconsciously dressed like a school girl that day! I'm starting to feel like my skirts are scandalously short! Is this a sign of growing up?

My trusty watch from Japan! I'm amazed that I haven't lost it yet, I tend to lose keys, watches and jewelries easily.

I thought this poster was awesomely eye-catching!

The perfect backdrop for a "before haircut" picture : )

This is the exact reaction I had when I first saw Adrienne's drastic cut. That was when her hair was wet and limpy, but after the hairdresser blew it dry, I was blown away! 


Adrienne's new haircut suits her superbly! Visit her blog for more pictures!

It feels like everyone is snipping away! It makes me want to have short hair tooooo! My haircut ended up looking almost the same, the layers were just cleaner therefore no picture : 3