Some things never change

Today was a beautiful day for lounging around doing absolutely nothing! I'm so glad to have a couple weeks of freedom before school starts again!  This coming school year, I'll be involved with a lot of club activities and I'm really excited to see all the ideas come to life! I'm currently working on the Food Science Association website since I'm the communications rep : ) It's actually a lot of work to revamp the whole thing but I'm loving it! Keeps me busy throughout the night! 

I think I've been wearing the same type of short tight skirt & converse combo for about 5 years now =P You just can't go wrong with that silhouette *so flattering*
Once,we were playing charades at a Christmas party and the word converse came up, someone said: "type of shoes that Lena always wears!" Some things never change eh? 

Recycling things from previous years : ) *cough*too-broke-to-buy-new-clothes*cough*

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters Thanks Miss Adri for picking them out for me : 3
Chambray shirt: Japan, Tanktop: Forever21
Lace skirt: Zipia (2 years ago)

And this is why he's called a Monkey!

Thanks Monkey for the pictures : )