We're all in this together

On the weekend, I met up with my school friends (we're all in the same program) to catch up on our summer internships over some yummy sandwiches at Cafe Santropol. I had been there previously and I knew the place was famous for their cream cheese sandwiches but I was surprised to see the incredibly long line-up. The place is pretty huge with two-three big indoor dining sections and a patio. We waited for 30-45 minutes before we got seated and another hour or so before we finally got our food! No casualties, but one soldier almost didn't make it out alive *cough*Sam*cough*!

Tip to you guys: don't go at lunch time on a Sunday!

I heard good stuffs about their wifi connection so I had to test it out. It seemed to run well even though the place was packed! Next time, I'll come on a peaceful weekday with my laptop and work on some projects : ) 

You know you study food when everyone in the room is ONLY talking about food, the component of our dishes and what to eat next =P

Thanks Sam for the picture!
No pictures of the actual food but I got a bagel with pesto cream cheese! Very simple but it was delicious! I love pesto and I like cream cheese but together, they make a mean spread! Everyone in the room agreed that the pesto cream cheese was DA BOMB and they had to try making it at home!

Painful farewell with Sam LOL =P He had more important duties than sitting around eating : P

After eating, we decided to drop by Tzvetlina's apartment (because people with their own apartments are infinity times cooler than us kids living with our 'rents)!

Super cool apartment with chalkboard wall (menu of the week was written on it) and a mish mash of furnitures that blended well together : D

I'm living life on the edge now that I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeee woot woot!

Bernice recounting a story of a girl named W (yes the letter) that she met in a bus in Chicago. Apparently the parents named all their children letters of the alphabet =P 

 It was a fun and relaxed day : ) 

The past year, I've been too concerned about my future career that I didn't take the time to pause and enjoy the present. I know a lot of challenges awaits me and I'm not scared to take them on. Instead of getting so caught up trying to shape my future, I need to pay more attention to the present moment because it is the only thing that is guaranteed.