Dreaming of Morocco

During our Japan trip, Lily and I met Maru at our hostel in Tokyo. Since he was a fellow Canadian we hung out together for most of our stay in Tokyo. Maru is from Toronto and he decided to drop by Montreal for some relax time. And lemme tell you that we relaxed with some good food&dessert, a walk in the park and shisha to top off the night!

Disclaimer: I am aware of the dangers of tobacco and smoking Shisha therefore I do not promote the practice. I am only giving a subjective review of a Shisha bar and I suggest that you only try it if you're informed about the consequences and health risks associated with smoking.  

124, rue Prince-Arthur E, corner Coloniale
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal (metro Sherbrooke)

If it weren't for Maru, we would've passed by this place without noticing it! Since it was dark and cold outside, Lily and I hurried to get to the metro but Maru stopped in his tracks and just walked into the restaurant. He asked the waiter if they had shisha and sat down : P Lily and I peeked our heads in and feared that we were gonna have a heavy bill. Turns out, a shisha head with three coals costed only 12$, our tea set was 5$ and the total came up to 20$ with taxes for the three of us! So cheap considering that they probably spent a fortune on their interior decor : O They weirdly didn't have a menu and their selection of flavors was small but I find that they all end up tasting/smelling the same after a while. We got the most popular flavor: apple. 
The last shisha place I went with my friends did not have an atmosphere as nice as this place and was much more expensive (everyone was obliged to buy something). 

All the couches were lined with beautiful squishy pillows in jewel tones giving Feyrouz a very warm and inviting ambiance  : ) There were candles, wine glasses and china placed on every table and can I just give them props for keeping it oh so clean? I tend to pay a lot of attention on cleanliness of pillows and soft seating areas because they are usually dirty from too many butts sitting on 'em but this place felt luxurious and clean : }

Look at that gorgeous mouth piece! I wanted to swirl it around like a magical genie wand~

Calcifer coming outta the smoke~ 

Entertained by the way the waiter pours tea : ) He kept going up and down; apparently this pouring technique is used to produce a foam on the tea.
The waiter was friendly and attentive, he jokingly said: "please don't take my face in the picture, I don't want to end up on facebook haha" 

Beautiful Egyptian drawings on the bong next to some sweet sweet Moroccan mint tea. 

The waitress in the back was wearing a gorgeous traditional dress, she was super pretty too : 3

Lily trying to get the genie out of the lamp ; - D HAHA doesn't Maru look so much like the genie from Aladdin? Plus he's wearing blue! 

We made a pact that in winter 2015, we'll go to Morocco together! Now that I've written this on my blog, there is no turning back! 

Look at the gorgeous ceramic sinks with Lilies : 3 

Feyrouz was amazing and I'm definitely going to try their food next time! If you're ever in Montreal and you're looking for a clean and affordable place to smoke Shisha, I highly recommend this place! 

Credits to LILY for some of the pictures : )