The fat life chose us

This month is kicking off on a good start: I am done my internship *I can finally laze around home* and I got an Iphone *hello Instagram*! YAAAAAAAAYYZ! What better way to celebrate than to indulge in sweets?

What I'm the most excited about my Iphone is using its Flash light app to light up subjects in the dark. This way, I can take pictures in low light conditions : )

(Gooey Ferrero rocher cake on the left, fluffy tiramisu on the right)


Monkey and I started to run around our neighbourhoods a few weeks ago. The goal is to shed some belly fat in  preparation for our beach vacation later this month. Whatever we lost was rapidly regained a few days later... 

Celebrating the end of my stage at a pizza factory with a chocolate hazelnut pizza and fruits dipped into white choco! 

Cacao 70 was PACKED on a Friday night. We were lucky to have gotten there at the right time because a huge line formed right after we got seated. People were staring at our sweet pizza from outside and came in to ask us about it! 

No celebration is complete without a few drinks : ) *not-an-alcoholic-I-promise*

Left overs! Our blue lagoon cocktail tasted like juice with absolute no trace of alcohol =(

Last week I was busy wrapping up some last minute projects at the pizza factory; it has been both a frustrating and enlightening experience. I feel I learned a lot about the food industry, the quality field and the work world. My patience was tested almost on a daily basis and there were days, I felt like throwing the towel but I made it through! If it weren't for my super chill supervisor, I think I might've given up. The quality field is an ungrateful field but I want to do my best to become a food inspector *pumps fists*!