Who run the world?

QUEEEN B OFCOURSE! Yesterday, Phoebe and I had the pleasure of attending Beyoncé's concert at the Bell Center. I am usually not a big fan of stars but Beyoncé is an exception because she embodies the ideal strong woman that is goal-oriented, hardworking, gorgeous, confident and full of power! Even though Phoebe and I had really bad seats that were incredibly far up (they were perpendicular to the stage and the screens didn't display the special effects of the stage or the clips during interludes =___=). But being in the same "room" and breathing the same air as Beyoncé made it totally worth it! 
She delivered a spectacular performance! She sang for 2 hours with a few interludes in between to change outfit yet she was never saw outta pitch. Her voice was clear and powerful and never out of breath! I thought that the volume of the music overpowered her voice in some instances but her performance outshined everything! Although we were seated super high up, I could see the incredible energy she put into dancing and singing, it felt as if she was gonna burst with energy!
 I'm so glad that I got to see her in concert. I've never been to a concert so it was a new experience for me. Next time Beyoncé comes to town, I am paying premium to stand in front of the stage and jump around like a giddy kid! 

Sorry, no actual pictures of the concert because our cameras got confiscated when we walked in : c this security guard even stared me down and followed me to tell me to put my camera in the bag check : C BOOOHOOOO! 

Outfit of the day! I wanted to wear something shiny for the concert but I didn't have anything shiny : c Ugh, I'm starting an exercise regimen because I gained some belly weight : C My skirt used to be baggy last year and now it's uncomfortably tight (after eating) POOPIE!

Skirt and top (it used to be a dress): G-market 

Spidey leg lashes after not even 3 full weeks FUUUU *flutters them, -eyelashes fall into donut-*

Delicious pistachio donut from a stand in the Quartier de Spectacles. They have tons of trucks parked there for the summer festivities. This donut was so chewy and generous with its huge chunks of pistachio embedded into the dough, just the way donuts should be! 

OH NOM NOM NOM! Must fill us up with energy for screaming our lungs out!

Love Phoebe's pretty ombre skirt : )

Phoebe being a "naughty girl" before the concert huehuehue~ DAYUM GIRL, look at those legs!

Apparently, Queen B's hair got stuck in a fan during the performance of Halo :P