1940 Rue Du Centre
Montréal, QC H3K 1J1

Sunday is my only free day so I like to go cafe hopping (since cafes usually close around the time I'm done work); Lily and I wanted to visit Café Bloom that has been receiving some hype online because it reminded us of the Hara donut shop we loved in Japan in its simplistic decor. We were pleasantly surprised by how big and spacious the place was! We got there about 30 minutes after opening and there were already people inside, about 30 minutes later, the place was packed with people of all ages : )

I love the mismatched furniture. The waitress was really friendly and attentive. I usually find that service in Montreal is always hit or miss, there's never an in between. I'm glad that we had a nice waitress for our relaxing day~ Service can make or break a place!

The prices are very reasonable (which is why I love cafes haha ;-D *cheapoatheart*), they have a variety of coffee, tea and brunch items.

I really love the tiled counter! I saw a picture of Café Bloom before coming here and noticed that the tiles are the exact same as the button I have on my side bar! It is a total coincidence! When I get my own place, I'm gonna use beautiful Mediterranean tiles to decorate my kitchen counter too!

The back room is an open kitchen where you can stare at the cooks at work. I love it when food places openly allow you to take a peek into what happens in the kitchen. This way, you'll be sure that your food is handled with care and proper hygiene : )

A nice mister at the cafe offered to take a picture of us (Lily and I were snapping non-stop, hopefully it didn't bother the other customers too much D;)

So I told myself that I shouldn't spend too much on food therefore I only got a drink (chai latte)... until my self-restraint shattered when I saw the beautiful food!!!! UGHHH >____<;;; Life is harsh when you are controlled by your impulsive stomach ;___;

The petite assiette (little plate) and moist strawberry muffin. Both are delicious! The bread and the sausage were a bit dry in my opinion but the beans and potatoes were scrumptious : 3 

Omg I'm getting really hungry by looking at these pictures TT____TT

Erica's grande assiette (big plate), she nicely offered her food to me but being the panda that I am, I decided I couldn't stay foodless for long and ordered my own plate huehuehue ^___^;;;

Enjoying our food~

We had a hilarious conversation about weird people hitting on us. Everything from 40 year olds in Europe to 14 year old kids in McDonald's, we laughed a lot and that's all that counts on a sunday morning!

Their home-made jam was really delicious! OH NOM NOM NOM!

Café Bloom, we'll definitely be back! The atmosphere was relaxing and even though the place was packed with families (plenty of kids), it wasn't loud and the food was good too : )