Montreal Food Truck Scene

After CafĂ© Bloom, Niv came to join us and we wanted to get our hands on some delicious Cronuts. Unfortunately, when we got there, the last cronut was sold right in front of our eyes! A piece of my heart teared ;___; A foodie has to be satisfied so we changed gears and went to check out the food trucks at Quartier du Spectacle. Montreal is finally catching up with the rest of the foodie world by offering meals on wheels! They have finally lifted the ban on food trucks this summer and everyone's loving it! 
Within a few months, dozens of new trucks have popped up on the alley.

Thank you Lily and Erica for some of the pictures : )

Sunday was such a gorgeous day and it seemed like everyone was out enjoying the sunshine. The weather wasn't blazing and there was a fresh breeze~

Since we are broke (when am I never broke?) we decided to pick only one truck and ofcourse we picked the expensive Au Pied de Cochon truck : } Since the restaurant is so well-known, I wanted to see where all the hype was coming from!

Lily and I shared a poutine foie gras! I've been eating awefully lot of poutine lately D; It's all going to my face guys! *bling bling oily face*

Anxiously waiting for the food!

8$ for a tiny bowl of poutine. Looks delicious right? 

Erica in front of her truck (she names herself and Nicole, the meatballs after the Jersey Shore girls).

Lily desperately wanted to get some henna done on her hands too but because she's a nurse, she decided not to.

We finally sat down to enjoy our poutine foie gras; time to chow down!

Judging from Lily's facial expression, she didn't really dig it... in fact she didn't dig it at all because she got food poisoning symptoms the next day! We ate the same thing the day before except I only had a bite of that foie gras before I decided it was not my thing. Lily, being the good asian girl she is, forcefully ate the entire thing ;___;


Maybe it's because I have peasant tastebuds (my tastebuds aren't used to eating gourmet food) but I really didn't like the foie gras. The fries were kinda bitter too, hello oxidized oil and the whole thing was wayyy too fatty D; UGH. Images of poor cows force-fed with fat in order to fatten up their liver flashed through my head while I ate that thing. Never again!

After eating, we resumed our usual activities: OOTD TIME!

See Lily's blog for her outfit of the day!

Erica looks like she's glowing in the light! 

We found a little passage away from the bustling crowds to take some OOTD pictures. Wearing all Zara sale items : D

This season, I totally went over my 5 items limit ;____; Shopping is a stress reliever for me and this past been has been incredibly stressful D-; *justtryingtocomeupwithexcuses* 

 I'm so excited to finally have a break in August! 7 DAYS BEFORE LIBERTY!