Gatsby themed birthday

Remember when I said I didn't want to do anything special for my birthday? Actually I lied, I did do something special for my birthday with a special person hehehe! I used my birthday as an excuse to wear a beautiful dress and buy a groupon coupon for the House of Jazz
For one night, we pretended to live in a Gatsby-like world : P

I will let the pictures speak for themselves~

House of Jazz 
2060 Aylmer St, Montreal, QC H3A 2E3 

 I had been to the House of Jazz for a friend's sweet 16 back in HS, but somehow I forgot everything about that day .____. meeeep! Already getting old ;_;
A bit of nagging got Monkey to dress up for the occasion =P 

Maxi dress: Asos
Sandals: Zipia

Probably the first time that I wear a gorgeous loooongg dress =P This chiffon dress is much prettier in real life. I love the simplicity of the shape and the shiny flower and star-shaped embellishments make it so unique : ) This dress is totally my style ^___^Y

Monkey that has to constantly put up with my whirlwind moods : }

Too bad I didn't get to wander around more, this place is really beautiful! They went all out with the decor. Even Monkey was impressed with the decor. He is a picky guy and almost always has some criticism to offer : P 

Quickly snapping a few shots before the show starts!

Beautiful ceiling and chandelier on the upper floor. The terasse looked nice too but since it was raining and we wanted to see the performers, we opted to sit in the mezzanine. 

The interior designer deserves major brownie points!

We were probably the only ones there that dressed formally =P Everyone was in t-shirt, jeans and shorts. The fact that we dressed up made the night feel more special : ) 

Monkey and I got drinks to match our clothes =P Red martini for Monkey and white martini for me. I have to admit that his red martini tasted much better : B

The jazz show was entertaining and I'm glad we didn't sit in front because the music was pretty loud : - P

We got a 5 course meal each starting with an apĂ©ritif, an appetizer, main dish, alcoholic coffee and ending with a dessert for 70$. Pretty good deal right? The food is not the most gourmet but I think that we mostly pay for the atmosphere and entertainment. The table next to us seemed very unsatisfied with their food but Monkey and I enjoyed our steak with salad + fries. The steak was 12oz, in other words: I couldn't even finish it (and a panda can always finish meat!) 

The staircase towards the bathroom was so cool =] 
Everything was just luxurious and decadent, hihihi I'm loving it! 

It was a wonderful night and I'm glad that I went with a theme. I've always wanted to hold theme parties. Once I get my own apartment, I'm gonna have tons of theme parties >: ] 
All readers are invited keke!