That bluuuur

I recently did a post about my new Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens, but I guess I got too excited because when I took it out on Sunday, funny things started to happen. My lens just couldn't autofocus properly so I am sending it first thing tomorrow for calibration : C A good chunk of my money just went down the drain... TT___TT So once again, I am camera-less because I had to send my body along with the lens :S

Enough of the ranting, I am finally introducing some much needed color into my blog! Summer is slowly settling in Montreal and Sunday couldn't have been a better day for a relaxing day at Atwater market.

JT is back in town, showing Diane his romantic side: *points* you are prettier than that one~ Diane: ... it's just a leaf.

If I were a bee, I'd chill in one of these flowers. Velvet seating man! 

I bet that's going on instagram haha! *I'm-probably-the-only-person-without-instagram*

Lately I've been into daisies, I really want a daisy-printed dress! Daisy reminds me of Gatsby and did I mention that I'm still obsessed with the movie? Haha X-P

The hottest food stand in the market is definitely Satay Brothers! There aren't a lot of Singaporean joints in town and they get raving reviews online so I was excited to try it out. My housemate Coco made Laksa a few times and I really liked it so I wanted to try the ones here. The line was super long, I could feel all the other stands' envious stares.

9$ for a bowl of Laksa. The bowl itself was okay-sized but it is only half full : C There weren't enough noodles and the tofu wasn't soft enough (it got soft after it soaked in the broth for a while). The flavor was quite nice though.

The satay sandwich was very sweet in my opinion (Diane thought it wasn't). The meat was tender but since I like my savory dishes savory, I didn't enjoy it that much : B

The famous pork buns! Diane says they're alright but I really liked it! I like the chewiness of the bread and also because the pork is savory haha! It was 6$ for 2 pieces which I think is pretty good if you're not too hungry.

A cute mini smoothie and Diane's awesome high-low skirt. She got it on sale from Zara last year for only 12$ I love Zara when it is on sale and I am so excited for the summer sales ^____^ Just in time for my birthday BWUAHAHA!

Diane, the future dietician judging the nutritive value of the fruits and veggies *JUDGE JUDGE JUDGE*! 

She wanted to buy fresh veggies for her salad party but ended up getting nothing but these yellow raspberries (she bought the rest of the veggies in a grocery store). The yellow raspberries are much sweeter than their red cousins!

Cannot end a sunny day without any icecream/gelato!

My dad just recently came back from a business trip and got me a box of Godiva's summer truffles. I've had Godiva truffles before (thanks Monkey) and I didn't think they were that good but this box is DA BOMB! I love the creamy yet fruity flavors :3 My favorite is the Neapolitan truffle! I'm extending two big thumb ups to whoever created the flavors!

I wish to work for a chocolate company in the future so that I can create my own chocolates! Haha a girl can dream! I will have to get over my huge fear of dentists if I still wanna have teeth at 30...