Clear skies

Previously, I talked about dreams and ambitions but today I wanted to talk about focus. 
In our busy society, our days are filled with never ending lists of things that have to be done.   We do things that we don't necessarily want to do and complain that we don't have time for the things we do want to do. Because everything is fast paced and not many of us have any patience, we like instant pleasures because it makes us happy instantly
In such a way, we often lose focus of what is really important and makes us happiest in the long term. We tend to focus our energy on small things that don't really contribute much to our overall health and happiness. But what can you do? A day only has 24 hours and even then it's not enough. It's not enough because we are not the best managers of our time.
It's important to identify the things and people that make you feel most fulfilled and allow yourself more time with them. Cut your time doing things such as going on Facebook or watching TV and go see your friends, get some exercise or read that book that's been on your desk forever. It's time to focus on the right things!  

Disclaimer: This is pro-active Lena talking to lazy Lena. And yes... I like to talk to myself :B

I am sitting on the edge of the world WOOT WOOT! Don't worry, it wasn't anything dangerous!

Today was such an amazing day: clear beautiful skies with a fresh breeze in the air : ) At first, Miss Adri and I were planning to drop by Jean Talon market but we changed plans last second and decided to save it for another day.  We walked a lot and talked about crazy projects and big dreams! It's comforting to share some of the same aspirations as someone else. It reassures me that I'm not the only whacky one out there haha X-P *HI5 Adrienne!*  
As always, picture credit to Miss Adri : ) 

Top: H&M
Skirt: Zipia (3 years ago)
Sandals: Forever21

I'm trying to wear clothes that I don't wear often more often! Right now, the mall is having booming sales and it is hard to steer clear from buying. I've been trying to break away from my shopaholic habits so I need to stay focused!
Sometimes we can fall in love again with old pieces because of the memories they bring us.

I wanted to create a different feeling than my usual pictures so I played around with exposure on Photoshop. I wanted to achieve a bright yet soft vibe, what do you think, did I succeed?  

Me trying to walk on sunshine, hmmm not quite working ^___^;;;

Shadow fights! Hey it's not fair! I only have one limb that's free >: O

Everything Adrienne is wearing is either thrifted or DIY-ed, she is so crafty! I am always amazed by the things she finds in second hand stores. She can take an oversized men shirtdress and turn it into a trendy sleeveless blouse! And the price she pays for her stuff always blows me away! *looks at empty wallet* -sigh-... I should thrif too eh? 

Visit her blog for more exciting pictures of her rolling on the ground, I mean outfit hihihi~~~