Office Style: first edition

HELLO HELLOOOO!!! The other day, Niv and I were discussing fashion and she suggested that I do a post on my work clothes. This summer, I'm interning as a quality control technician at a frozen pizza manufacturer. It is a bit tricky to dress for my job because we are required to wear ugly factory worker shoes. Half of my work is in an office doing paperwork, other half is checking the quality parameters in the factory. Since I have to shuttle from office to production area to chilly storage areas, I always wear layers to keep me warm (and that I can take off in the office). 

 My personal style is not office-y at all so it was a bit hard to come up with office appropriate clothing but a little creativity goes a long way! I came up with these 3 outfits:
  Left: Top: Vero Moda (gifted by Diane), Cardigan: Japan,N avy trousers: Zara, Oxfords: Coco's
Middle: Top: China, Jacket and heels: Zipia, Jeans: Zara
Right: Heels: Blazer: G-market, Top and heels: Zipia, Trousers: Zara

Every girl needs a pair of trousers (or 4 in all the neutral colors: white, black, navy and beige)! They are so comfortable and I now dread wearing jeans : I They are also incredibly versatile, you can dress them up or dress them down, dress girly or dress boy-ish!
The middle outfit is my favorite one and it was an unexpected match : - P I got the top from China 3 years ago for my MOM =P she never wore it and neither did I, but today, I found it in a pile and I really liked the cowl neck and cinched waist. It adds some volume to my -Z sized cleavage hehehehe~

This outfit would've been more office appropriate if I wore white pants instead of my white jeans, but hey a girl's gotta do with what she's got : P

I will be doing this office style series once or twice per month so let's see how far my creativity can stretch! 
Hope you guys will enjoy reading Y^___^Y