The 20-somethings

When I was younger, I imagined that when I turn 20, I'd magically figure out all the secret tricks to life. I would be in a position where I'm headed towards with all the wise knowledge I'll have gathered in university. Fast forward to the present: I am still trying to figure out my place in this big drama called life *late bloomer here*. 

Even though I'm not be graduating this semester, graduation is fast approaching for many of my friends. A sense of anxiety is looming in the air. Even I am feeling extremely anxious as some of my plans have fallen into the water. I dislike this ambiguous state which is why I've been watching a lot of light-hearted movies to distract my mind from all this stress. You guys have got to watch this Thai romedy: A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. I couldn't stop spazzing over the cute male protagonist, I felt youthful again BWUAHAHAHAH! I thought that I outgrew cute romedies but nope, I'm still fully enjoying it x-P

I went hiking on Friday with friends, we need to shape up for summer!

Jacket/blouse: Zipia
Scarf/skirt: Japan.

I often like to dress according to the weather: when it's sunny I like to wear cheerful clothing and when it's gloomy, I resort to a darker color palette. I really like my brown Zipia jacket and I think it's one of the best purchases I made on Zipia ^____^Y Moto style jackets have been in for years and years now but I really like the oversize look of mine :-) 

All the pictures are taken with the Samyang 85mm f/1.4, I'm really digging this lens (I say this about every single new lens I get)!  

 Look at that bling bling on Niv's collar! I think cobalt blue is such a gorgeous color! It looks so rich and elegant!

Lily recently got a haircut, medium length hair which looks uber fresh on her! Even Niv who is a big advocate of long hair couldn't stop spazzing over Lily's new do ^O^! 

You know spring is coming when people start leaving their gloves around. This one was left on a railing! Looks like it is groping Lily LOL! 

Only one month of school left! I'm so excited to finish this semester so that I can get the answers that I'm waiting for! b>_____<d Goodluck to all you guys that are also currently in school! The finish line is not too far ahead!