Let's welcome spring!

Let's welcome spring with open arms boys and girls! I am so excited that the weather is finally warm enough for me to come out of my hibernating cave~ WEEEHEEEHEEEE!!! The timing is perfect because I just received my Samyang 85mm f/1.4 Aspherical IF lens! I've been eyeing this lens for about a year and half now but I hesitated buying it because it is a manual lens. I find that it is hard to focus with this lens because usually, there's a red blinking dot that shows up on the focused subject when you focus manually. Not with this lens, even though it looks focused in the eyepiece or the viewfinder, the picture can still be blurry if you zoom into it. 

But I like the challenge : ] It makes me feel accomplished when I manage to take a nice picture. In the post below, I'll review this lens however I'm not a technical person so instead I will try to describe my feelings with this lens and show the type of pictures that you can take it ^__^. 

I asked Diane to help me take an OOTD using this new lens! I love the softness and the bokeh <3 

Diane and I are total rebels, we saw a really cute pastel blue barn near our school and even though it is a private property, we snapped some pictures in front of it kekekekekekekeke *please don't report us to the police*

This sweater has been featured on my blog way too many times : - P I had mixed feelings about it at first but I think I'm beginning to appreciate it more. I'm currently half way through my fashion diet, it's becoming easier to resist shopping. The goal of this diet was to appreciate the things I have rather than to always look for novelties. I think I'm at a point in my life where I should chase away my old habits of frivolous spending because I can sniff the responsibilities of adulthood at the corners.

I wanted to test my lens so I snapped about 500 pictures of Diane in an hour and half. Almost half came out blurry but the ones that weren't blurry turned out lovely! The colors are pretty vivid too and required almost no post-processing : )

Living on Mac campus has its perks; it's perfect for photo shoots! 
Even though it's farrrr awayyyy from civilization and most McGillians do not acknowledge the existence of their "farm" campus, I've grown to like this place over the past 3 years : ) 

Hmmm... wait I was supposed to talk about the lens, not Mac -cough- -cough- yes, so I was saying. This lens has a very shallow depth of field so a slight movement can cause the subject to be off focus.

Usually this type of range (85mm) is for portraits but I love using it for its incredible bokeh : 3 Using my 50mm f/1.8, I would never be able to obtain such a blur if I wanted to capture Diane's full body + some background for mood purposes.

Shot this picture through a fence and I liked how the fence became transparent. 

Motion is the hardest to capture using this manual lens because if the subject moves slightly, she might get out of focus. I wanted to focus on Diane's face but if you look closely, you'll see that her right arm is sharper than her face : C POOPIE!

HAHA I made up this story about how this picture looks like Diane is waiting faithfully for her dear JT to return on a ship from a long trip abroad~ The mood is totally fitting right? There's even a small rainbow crossing her HEHEHE X-P 

Switching the subject, Monkey and I had our 2nd year anniversary celebration last week. Our unintentional theme of the date was: glow in the dark! We played glow in the dark minigolf and went to eat at L'Avenue which had a glow in the dark bathroom!
Putting Edge is in the smack middle of downtown (Guy Concordia) and it's only 12,xx$ per person. It was really fun but for some reason I kept getting electric shocks :-S I'm bad at all sports so naturally I lost to Monkey :-C

Look at those shiny grills!

Monkey brought me to l'Avenue, their fries were super yummy (tasted creamy) and it wasn't too expensive either. He went inside the washroom and kept pestering me check out the washroom. I swear I don't camwhore in bathrooms anymore (did too much of that during high school) but this one was too awesome to pass up!

LOOK LOOK! EVEN THE TOILET PAPER GLOWS IN THE DARK! Don't worry I didn't wipe my bum with this paper! 

Finals are approaching soon and I have to start studying seriously before my grades flush down the toilet TT0TT