Much deserved break

I think I've never looked forward to spring break as much as I did this year! I still haven't recovered from winter break, it's as if my brain is in permanent vacation mode now :-P *vats midterms?*
This spring break, I took the time to catch up with some friends and also took a few pictures. I lost my charger for one night and I was sooooo sad because I was gonna snap a lot during the break : I Luckily, my housemate Diane found it for me PHEWWW! I also purchased a new lens which I'll review once I receive it Y^___^Y AHHH I'm so excited!!!! 

warning: random mish-mash of pictures below!

We went to eat at Olive + Gourmando in the Old Port. This place is well-known by Montreal foodies and everyone raves about their food (Diane included)! Somehow, that day our sandwiches were way too salty! I think we probably surpassed our recommended daily allowance of sodium with one bite :-I.    

Me to Monkey: "Give me attention!" 

I wanted to do a photo shoot involving colorful paper airplanes in a field of snow with Adrienne but she thought it was too cute for her. So I asked Monkey as a second option :P 
I had a great image in my head but the end result wasn't what I had in mind; The airplanes are too small and it was really cold so we shot it quickly : C 

Nevertheless, it was a fun shoot! I'll try this concept again in the summer in an industrial setting (thanks Diane for the idea). Monkey got sick because I asked him to take his jacket off *weakling!* JKZ, it's because he showers too much so he washes off all the protective bacteria :B

LOL this picture describes exactly Diane's relationship with JT! 

Old port is ideal for photoshooting, it's like an instant transportation to Europe! 
I think Montreal should get more colorful buildings, our grey skyscrapers makes the city look so drab during the long-and-seemingly-never-ending winters! Our government is spending way too much money and effort implementing French language laws that piss off all the bilingual and multi-ethnic people ~__~ 

Turtleneck: Zara
Floral pants: Japan
Booties: Spring
Bag: G-market

I'm getting a total migraine from looking at this picture, too much patterns going on! But at the same time, the overdose of visual stimulation is kinda cool X-D! This is how I transition winter to spring outfit : ] 

I helped Diane take pictures of her niece : 3 She's only 4 months old and such a cutie pie! LOOK AT THAT BLING BLING! Diane got the idea from Pinterest.

Because we both study in food related fields, we're already training her to become a chef! 

A dog sleigh at the Snow Village! I wanted to pet one!

It was soooo cold inside the igloos! Slippery too :-O Coco and I couldn't last more than an hour, our toes were frozen >___<!

I had tea at Nocochi with Adrienne where we talked about many many funny things! Topics ranged from pregnancy to housewives to soulmates PUAHAHA! Seems like girls can always talk about the same topics over and over and never get bored :P I bet it's the same for guys and games ~___~

Adrienne and I went to the Peru Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts. It was pretty interesting and I liked the way they set up and divided the exhibition. This octopus headpiece is the Mona Lisa equivalent of Peruvian art! 

"Let's on go a picnic! Alpaca lunch!" *LLAMELLAMAJOKE?*

My mom's coworker told her that drinking 100% lemon juice will fight against acne so my mom forced me to buy lemon juice. My dad and I were clueless so we bought lemonade and decided to just cut up some lemon pieces and put it into the lemonade lol!  I swear my mom seems more bothered by my pimples than I am ~____~ Every weekend when I come home, she does a full on inspection of my face to see if I got new pimples =__=
 So I'm gonna drink lemon tea for a month and see if it helps : ]

Stay tuned for the results jajajaja!

EDIT:// The lemon juice didn't help much :-( I'm still pimply boohoooo...