What makes happy Sundays

I think there is nothing better than having brunch, laughing and chatting away with your girlfriends on a Sunday afternoon. Because of school, it's hard to gather with my friends but I'm happy that we had some time this weekend to explore a restaurant called Régine Café Brunch. I found this place in one of the food blogs that I follow and the decor attracted me *as always* haha! It's only a few minute bus ride from Beaubien or Fabre station and when we got there, there was a line up outside. This brunch place is quite far from downtown plus it's coooold so having a line-up outside means it must be really good right?

I stole some pictures from Lily & Niv cameras, have a look at Lily's blog!

1840 Beaubien Est, Grand Montréal, H2H 1L6

We started off with mini shooters of vitamin juice. It was a mix of mandarin and other fruits, somehow the taste reminded me of sushi X-P (doesn't make sense) but it was fruity and good!

I got the sweet regine with crumpets + nutella dip and pistachios, candied oranges and yogurt brulee. The yogurt brulee was soooooo good! UGH! I usually like creme brulee but some places make it way too sweet, but now I think I like yogurt brulee more! The sweet and sour taste blends harmoniously together!

Phoebe and Lily got the Mish Mash, every week is a different thing; this week they had a special with smoked salmon, eggs, cherry tomatoes and onions (probably other things but I forgot xP). It looks yummy, I have a new found love for smoked salmon! My new year resolution is to eat more fish (it's a serious health booster) since I don't like fish but at least now I like smoked salmon : }


Niv is currently on a low-carb/high-fat diet so anything with refined sugar or bread/pasta is off the list. Was it hard for her to resist the carby goodness?

No it wasn't! Being the disciplined girl she is, she got her high-fat foods: sausage and bacon. Although, they're not the best choices for her diet, she didn't want to derail from it. 

I really recommend coming here with some friends, the food is good and affordable, the atmosphere is trendy, you can be as loud as you want, the service is nice. It's perhaps a little bit out of the way but everyone needs some exploration in their lives :-P 

Niv being a creeper to Phoebe.

Niv was saying how when she gets her own place, she'll get these types of trays and they'll always be filled with beautiful treats and cakes. I disagreed and said that they'd probably be empty 'cause she'll eat it all! I mean who can resist a beauty like that?! HELLO DIABETES!

Despite being really crowded, the staff was attentive and our food arrived very quickly. I was quite impressed because a lot of the times at popular places, when it's crowded, the waiters completely forget about you. Also, the manager seemed chill because I was snapping pictures and then he was smiling at me in a way to welcome me to take pictures : }

After brunch, we took the metro to go to Place-des-Arts. Almost every single time I ride the metro, there is always a glitch. We can always count on STM to fail on us : ]

It's nice how they've completed renovated Place-des-Arts over the past few years! I like how there's a lounge for people to sit and relax. Because it's really cold during the winter, sometimes all you want to do  is sit somewhere (without needing to pay). This place is perfect because it's spacious, sleek and EMPTY! Credit to Lily for most of the following pictures.

Having fun with a huge banana I brought (as a snack). Phoebe was super weirded out by my big banana but hey at least it wasn't as long as this banana :P

Nope, ain't a telephone!

Top: Asos
Jeans: G-market

So they forced me to do an OOTD, I'm really not getting the hang of this posing thing hehe... I love lace, I love peplum. I already have a peplum lace top but this one is different! The things guys would never understand.

I should take some posing lessons from Lily! We were prompting Phoebe to do the rose pose *Titanic* but she didn't want to, and then Niv and Lily popped on that table and did their thang!

This is probably my winter gear for the next couple o'years :-P I used to dislike black jackets because I thought you would just blend in with everyone else. So then I got quite a few colorful jackets, but my bottom would always clash with my jacket D-; In the end, black is safest!
Unfortunately Phoebe had to go back home and study so we decided to head back home as well.

I wanted to test my heart filter that I made. It was really hard to get a good focus and there is not enough contrast between the light and everything else. I shall try again with a different technique and other settings next time.

Love is in the air~ It's almost Valentine's day~

I want to get sharper hearts and better focused subjects. I'll practice some more and once I get satisfying results, I'll post a tutorial on how to make heart filters : }

I don't get to see some of my friends as often as I'd like to, especially everyone in a big group because we have conflicting schedules so I was happy that at least some of us managed to find a common time. I laughed so much, Niv always makes me roll on the ground of laughter! 
Remember that, money can only buy you so much. Beyond the point at which people have enough to comfortably feed, clothe, and house themselves, having more money - even a lot more money - makes them only a little bit happier (Wikipedia).

So spend more time with people you're comfortable, trust and enjoy being with, it will bring you a lot of peace and happiness :-D