Too cute to eat!

Coco and I had a bit of a cute food frenzy this past week, she wanted to use her redbean paste so we decided to make some Rilakkuma buns (continuation from that omelette rice). Because it was Valentine's day this Thursday, I decided to decorate some of the buns into pandas and monkeys to give to Monkey. I'm not a very good cook but I love decorating food ;D; It makes even non-tasty food taste better because it's so cute! It took us 4 hours of hard manual labor to make the buns >____<  *too weak to knead that dough*.
In the end it was all worth it! 

Coco and I didn't want to eat the buns because they were so cute, one of our housemates comes and rips an ear off and goes: "HAHA now he's like Van Gogh" while me and Coco stare at her in horror! ; C

I gave Monkey the buns in the right picture. The panda and monkey fused together in the oven : P I told him that he's stuck with me forever BWUAHAHA! 

In the mood of Valentine's Day, we made a bear couple : ]  

Later that evening, we made onion soup. It was so yummy! All we used was butter, bacon, onion, potato, vegetable broth, bread and cheese! While grating the cheese, I grated a part of my thumb GAK D:! Maybe that part of my thumb made the soup extra good LOL~ EWWWW

On a sidenote: did you know that eating a bagel with poppy seeds would give a positive result in a drug test?