Cooking with Coco

Every week, my housemate Coco and I make food together  : } She's the master chef while I'm the apprentice assistant. Ever since I came back from Japan, I've been loving Rilakkuma. I never really paid attention to Rilakkuma before, I thought it was overrated like Hello Kitty. Somehow after going inside a Rilakkuma store, I couldn't help but gush over all the cuteness! Coco is a big fan of Rilakkuma (and bears in general, she even adopted a bear!) and wanted to make a Rilakkuma omurice! I'm not a very good cook but I'm a big fan of decorating foods! Here are the results:
Coco holding our sleeping beauty : '3 Ain't it adorable?! We didn't want to eat it because it took a long time to make and it was too cute!

Rilakkuma looks kinda sad though... maybe cause we're about to eat him:

My other housemate Diane: "You guys should smear some ketchup over it so it looks like it's bleeding to death!" No mercy for cute foods : C

Every week Coco and I try out different recipes, some weeks it fails and other weeks it's very successful. It's so much fun and I get to try out all sorts of cuisines : > Makes my dorm experience even better! 

Lena panda is currently trying to learn how to cook, I think I've progressed a lot : D What about you guys? Do you like to cook?