And it ended with a BANG!

It's a bit late to wish you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR, but it's better late than never!
2012 was quite the year, so many things happened for better and for worse (mostly for the better)! It only seemed appropriate to end this memorable year with a dream trip to Japan. I had the best time of my life in Japan and a picture-filled post will follow but before that, I have some pictures from before I left:

Adrienne wanted to hear about my trip planning so we met up at Kahwa Cafe on Mont-Royal. If you're a hipster and you like coffee, this is the place to go X-P It was filled with students when we went because it was exam period. Our chatter and squealing probably got some people ready to throw their erasers at us! Adrienne got a scented hot chocolate and I got a Chai latte. Since I'm not an expert in lattes, I cannot give you a detailed sensory description of the volatile aroma and taste compounds.  I imagine it must've been good since it was packed on a Sunday morning. 

263 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est
Montreal H2T 1P6

I always get excited about interior decor and want to snap a billion pictures but once I take out my camera, I feel as if I'm invading people's privacies. Especially since it was so packed that day. We ended up not taking that many pictures : c
  Adrienne found this totally random children's book called Pipi & Kaka. It talks about how nobody likes Kaka 'cause he's smelly and ugly, in the end he meets Pipi and they live happily ever after together. She said it reminded her of me and Monkey LOL! KAKA ET PIPI POUR LA VIE~

I've learned my lesson: never shop before you go on a trip because you're bound to find better things overseas! 

I bought these boots from G-market to replace my old G-market walkers that were breaking down (they are now my work shoes). They are quite heavy but very comfortable. They were PERFECT for Japan because I can slip in and out easily without having to bend down to put my shoes on. I love the slouchy and oversized look of these shoes, they are different from most shoes that I've seen in shops these days.

These are the shoes that will bring me into the new year :D Let's see where they take me for 2013. I have a feeling that this year will be a GREAT year! *totally optimistic* >D<