Recently, I did some mental math of all my clothing purchases from the beginning of this year until the summer (when I started my fashion diet); the number amounted to something equivalent to an airplane ticket. I was blown away, almost wanted to pee my pants! How did all those cheap clothes amount to so much $$$?! And that's exactly the problem: they are cheap, therefore you keep buying more and more.
My closet is overflowing with disposable things that I am almost disgusted by it.  Ever since I got my first part time job at 18, I've been accumulating material at a fast rate and throwing it out at an equally fast rate. I think I even lost a piece of my self identity, perhaps I threw it out along with 7 other garbage bags full of clothes?

   When there are no boundaries, we can get a little bit crazy so now is the time that I set boundaries for myself. Since the middle of summer, I've been sticking to a fashion diet: 5 items per season (excluding accessories and basics). This fall season, I bought 6 items : [ I tend to buy things when I'm stressed out... not the best coping mechanism >___<.  I saw a post on facebook which was a real eye-opener, take a look guys

Maybe by having less, we learn to appreciate what we have more? Anyone else thinks that we're wasting too much money on material?  

On a less heavy note: it is almost WINTER BREAK :D WEEEEEHEEEE
I hardly go out these days; the end of the semester is always hermit season! These snowflakes lights outside Eaton center are so pretty : ) If only real snow was as big as these flakes, that'd be funny!

Christmas is often associated with gifts but I wonder; how many people actually buy gifts because they want to buy gifts? Are there no other ways to express to your loved ones that you care about them other than giving them cheap goods?  

Anyways, I'd love to sit here and ponder but that nutrition book isn't good read itself, so until next time~