A new direction

Lately, I've stopped blogging because I just don't know what to blog about .___. Most of the time, I'm going to my classes, "studying", eating, running at the gym, studying with my friends or working ~____~. None of those things make for an interesting blog post. Frankly, I don't know where my blog is headed anymore... It started out as a fashion/review type of blog but I always feel too lazy to take OOTD's and I've decided to permanently change my shopping habits so no reviews. It became very tiring for me to keep chasing new trends, discard items after 1-2 wears, beat myself up for spending so much money that I just stopped buying clothes for now. The only things I'm allowing myself to buy are: a pair of boots and a winter jacket and maybe a comfortable backpack for Japan. I still really love fashion but I don't want to want it to dictate my life and wallet *___*. Therefore, if you're here for fashion, SORRY TO DISSAPPOINT. However, if you like to lurk me for whatever lurk-worthy reason, then please stick around! 


What is dictating my life: SCHOOL! 17.5 credits is killing me! Plus I have my Thai cooking classes on Thursdays and I have to travel downtown from Mac TT^TT. Midterms, assignments, lab reports, presentations, essays are starting to pile up and I feel too overwhelmed!  

I tried to study at Starbucks yesterday with Niv and Monkey but we just ended up reflecting on the meaning of life and other philosophical questions instead of studying :-P I also had a free coupon for Starbucks which I only realized after I bought my drink *typically lena*. Their iced mochas are yummy : 3 You can taste the cacao!

Starting this week, business is getting serious: STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY!