It's been a long time

It's been a long time since my last blog post, so long that I'm not even quite sure how to blog anymore HEHE~ I'm sorry for my prolonged absence, there were many times where I wanted to update but this new interface scared me so I put it off X-D. It is already well into the school semester and I'm procrastinating like no tomorrow! I haven't taken many pictures lately but a few weeks ago, Miss Adri and I met up because she thought that I should update my blog! She's SHOOO sweet, she printed me tons of posters to decorate my dorm room and we walked around town trying to find DIY ideas and star shaped lights to decorate my dorm room. Once I find those lights, I promise I'll do a post on my room : 3 But before that, here is an OOTD that Miss Adri forced me to take D; -cries- I started getting used to taking some during summer but after a long time of not taking any, my awkardness kicked up a bajillion notches...

Me: so how do I do this again? Adrienne: you know... the usual... play with your hair...

 Denim shirt: H&M

Skirt: Zipia (3 years ago)
Sandals: Forever21
   This Zipia backpack that survived my Eurotrip without getting too dirty! It is actually one of the most uncomfortable backpacks ever. The straps tug at your skin and it gives you absolutely no support. Plus it will make any sharp shaped object purposely bounce on your back! Buttttt... it's pretty right? HEHE

 Lately, I haven't bought anything new and I don't feel like buying anything. I'm trying to learn to appreciate the *bajillion* things I already have and seek happiness from simple things like: drinking milk tea, biking, running, cooking and watching movies with Niv, things that are priceless.

   I'm really scared of caterpillars and this thingy really feels like one D; I kept on cringing inside of me whenever I touched it >___<

All pictures thanks to Miss Adri : 3

So a lot of things have happened since the last time I posted. First of all, me and Monkey have reunited .___. *runs away* story is like a big misunderstanding, but basically we're both noobcakes. Second of all, I have started to learn how to cook, YESSSS lazy panda that never cooks is taking Thai cooking classes every Thursday : 3 And best for last: I just bought my plane ticket to Japan for this winter break >: ))))))