Growing up

Once in a while, I'm reminded that time doesn't stop for anybody and we're all growing up. Such feeling hit me yesterday, when I went to help my friend paint his new apartment. We were a bunch of people helping the new baby birds paint their own nest! The end result was amazing and the place looked so much better, cleaner and friendlier than it had first been. It's hard to believe that my friends have their own place now! Even though I'm technically moved out, I'm still very dependent on my parents for financial funds, food (that my mom cooks and I microwave weekly) and support. In case you're wondering: I'm living in residence on my school's campus : P

Their place is super ghetto but we managed to make it look nice : ] Here are some of the pictures:

Fooling around while painting the room~ I hadn't been there the first day but it must've been such a hassle painting all the walls. The second day mainly consisted of finishing touches and it took us forever!

Had to do tons and tons of cleaning because the old tenants didn't even bother : B Yup, I witnessed some major clean-freak guys in action (they exist?)!

ps: The new tenants are guys despite the pastel colored walls : ]

My fisheye lens makes the place seem spacious but it's actually quite small and cosy. Not sure how we're gonna fit the bajillion mutual friends : P

Terence rewarding everyone with some Krispy Kreme donuts! The dough was really good but the icing was TOO SWEET! It's as if I'm eating a bag of sugar. I'm quite curious to why they're so popular because I cannot even finish one (even after wiping most of the icing off).