Neutral Territory

Sometimes I find it really hard to dress: not trendy, yet not old-fashioned. I guess classic is more appropriate of a term but I prefer to call it fashion neutral. I don't know if you some of you guys feel that way, wanting to refrain from standing out. That's how I usually feel when I have errands to run early in the morning.

Other than my errands, I hung with Miss Adri again! Our hangouts have become a regular thing :D We both claim ourselves as introverts that sweat buckets in forced social settings but because we're on the same level of antisocial, we get along really well. We decided to go to Cafe Falco and stopped along some train tracks to take the outfit of the day!

I didn't want to wear anything uncomfortable and too fashionable because I had a driving class so I opted for jeans, a blouse and a light jacket. Somehow, everything in my outfit turned out to be light neutral colors. I'm really digging it~ It gives me a clean feeling :D

I am clad from head to toe in my new G-market purchases. Jeans and jacket are from Zipia .

Debuting my new blouse~ (actually I already wore it before in another outfit but didn't take OOTD)

I have always liked shiny flats but the sparkles always fall off easily, these flats are from G-market and they're fabric so it'll sparkle FOREVER AND FOREVER AND FOREVERRRRRRR~~~~

Thank you Miss Adri for taking these OOTD pictures! She always forces me to OOTD session and I was screaming and bobbing retardly the whole time. Yet these pictures don't show that at all! *CLAP CLAP CLAP*

This is actually my second time here but I didn't get to sit on this hammock the first time :P Even though I look calm in the picture, I was actually very hyper and wanted to swing that shiat left and right!

Adrienne's enjoying the hammock too! She said that when she sat on it, she understood my desire to swingggg it!

Adrienne got hollar-ed by tons of strangers of the opposite sex 'cause of her long skirt : P Guys liking long skirts on girls? MINDFORKED!

The wife of the owner studied in design which is why this place is so nicely decorated! I would've never thought that cotton plants would make such a great centerpiece!

As empty as the cafe looks, it was actually occupied. I was lurking the cotton plant waiting for people to leave so I could snap a picture. Nobody left and I just did my business like a boss >: ] HECK YEA!

Cafe Falco: 5605 Avenue de Gaspé

Medium priced Japanese cafe serving brunch, onigiris, sandwiches, rice bowls and ofcourse coffee using a special contraption. Cafe Falco is a family run business and their food is good quality and the service is very friendly! I think everyone should come experience the food/decor because it's different from other cafes. There's a big table where strangers can sit around and eat together. It's not very common in Montreal : P

I didnt take a picture of our food 'cause I just devoured my sandwich the moment I sat down. I took the sandwich poulet falco with chicken, mayo, coriander, dried tomatos and onions. It's all mixed together like a chicken salad but it tastes SOOOO YUMMY! It was only 6.xx$ but it filled me up for a good 5 hours~

Adrienne and I walked around and we got ideas to make DIY bracelets :) Speaking of DIY, Adrienne is very good at making crafts because she's a design student! Check out these adorable cupcake keychains she made:

You can buy these cute cupcake keychains from Adrienne's Etsy shop: Dream Biscuit.

(pictures are by Adrienne)

EDIT July 1st:/// Continuation of our day:

That's my type of religion: foodism :P

We walked tons that day (as always) and stumbled upon this cool mirror shop~ I'd love to have all these pretty mirrors in my house but at night I'd be freaked out :P

Fresh Paint Gallery: 180 St-Catherine Ouest

A cool street art gallery in the middle of downtown. They have some really awesome exhibitions and it's forever changing. This is the type of modern art that I really dig. The gallery was free before but now they're asking for donations. It's only 2$ to see some pretty cool stuff so I suggest everyone who's in Montreal to take a look!

"Please don't feed the artists" irony~

Adrienne looks like a lil girl lost in some ghetto!

This paper mache piece really scared the crap out of me and Adrienne! I was afraid it would jump outta the floor and grab me to hell! D;

RACCOONS EVERYWHERE IN THIS ROOM! It seemed to be the general theme of the gallery :P

If I can't afford a nice chandelier, then Imma make my own with cardboard paper >:D GENIUS!

A creepy room D:

I thought this lil piece was really cool, it even says "DESSERTS FOR BREAKFAST"!


It's crazy but they paint over these awesome murals and create new ones on a regular basis!

Modern Totems, it's so nice! I'd like to have one on my wall at home :D

Witnessed an artist at work :P The entire mural was created with pages of a ripped book! Not shy to LURK!

Cool patterns and prints!

The gallery was very entertaining and it was nice seeing some artists at work. All the artworks are created by different people who combined it wonderfully~ I really respect artists because they take ordinary things and make it into beautiful pieces! Furthermore, it is a stable field and earning money is hard, which makes them even more admirable! ADRIENNE, MY GRAPHIC DESIGNER FRIEND, I ROOT FOR YOU!