A challenge

My summer class has finally started! I had been looking forward to it because I was so bored at home! Last year, I went on a trip to Greece and I regret not looking up ancient Greek myths back then, it would've enriched my trip so much more. But what is done is done and now I shall learn all about it in my summer class : D
It's a month long intensive course on classical mythology and I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's class!

Near school, there's a "Queue de Castors" shop and this friend gave us a 2-for-1 coupon. We decided to try the smoothie there : P You basically get to pick what you want inside. I decided to go with orange juice, yogurt, peaches and blueberries. It was okay :I Monkey went all out and put 4 different fruits, that turned out to be quite nasty >____<

Monkey always laughs at me because I always have food stuck in my teeth so when it happened to him, I couldn't help but rub it in his face : P

I'm sitting against a wall of candy, if I were younger, I'd be dying and begging my mom to buy me a bottle (it's like 5,xx bucks!) to fill it with candy. Now that I'm older, I actually don't enjoy candy that much, too sweet, gives me a headache! But that creme brulee candy does tingle my curiosity : P

Jumper: Forever21
Cardigan: Zipia
Sandals: Forever21
Bracelet: birthday gift : )

Blue is my favorite color and when it's splashed in prints, I'm in love : D Even though I hate jumpers because they're just so not practical (almost missed the bus 'cause I was peeing and had to take all of that off and put it back on)!

A few days ago, I completed part one of a challenge in order to cure my obsessive and compulsive shopping habit. I was not allowed to buy anything (for myself) for 21 days. Some people struggle with body image issues, others with academic issues, for me it's shopaholic issues. Growing up, I was always an impulsive person. Being an only child did not help with that :P Most of the time, I got what I wanted. Despite that I never thought of myself as being spoiled because I worked part time jobs in order to fund my activities : P (so naive).
However, this thought changed when I started dating my boyfriend. He's the type of person that never buys anything for himself, is extremely frugal and responsible. He pays for everything: his tuition, bus pass, phone bill, outings and never asks his parents for money, EVER. It's not as if they cannot afford to pay for him either, he just doesn't want to burden his parents. Therefore he does so by choice, not by obligation, which is very admirable.
So after meeting him, I've come to realize that I am in fact VERY SPOILED. My parents pay for all my living expenses (+ my Eurotrip last year and my trip to Asia the year before) and all I do is pay for the fun stuffs. I spoil myself rotten by indulging in shopping splurges when they're working so hard to pay for everything else. I guess my behavior has really started to disgust me because every time I bought something, I'd feel guilty afterwards.
Yet, I couldn't stop, the instant gratification was just so delicious (for a lack of better terms).
In the end of the day, I have acquired so much material, but why is it that I don't feel any happier than before? I don't feel fulfilled or accomplished or proud. None of that!
Had I spent the money on things such as books or travels, I would've had great memories or new knowledge to hold onto. With clothes, they just end up in a garbage bag in my basement, waiting for me to throw out.

It almost seemed okay in this consumer society to buy and discard at such rapid rate. My guilty pleasure is reading blogs and it seems that those bloggers never wear the same thing (okay, maybe twice or three times). I wonder: "How do they afford it? Where do they store all that stuff? Do they feel guilty?" I used to want a big walk-in closet but now I think about it, I would just feel bad to see so much shit.

Anyways, don't get me wrong, I still LOVE to shop. I just think it's easy to get carried away. It's fine to buy occasionally, but at a weekly rate, it is not. Nobody needs an exploding wardrobe, we wear clothes to cover us up and to express our style. You do not need 1000 paintbrushes to paint a picture!

Now that challenge one is over, my second challenge is to wear everything in my summer wardrobe at least once before purchasing something new. I'm quite excited to have escaped my habit even if it were for 21 days (& counting)!

TLDR: Challenging myself to splurge less and work with what I've got in my wardrobe for the rest of summer.