Chiffon's for kids

My mom commented on my flower pocket blouse saying: "why do you wear so many chiffon stuffs? In china, only kids wear that! When you grow up, you wear cotton!" I did not know that chiffon was reserved for kids only O_o; -flips hair- she does not know the latest trends pffftttt!

This is what I wore to go watch my friends' dance practice today~

I think everything is from G-market :X I got the high waisted jeans from my friend 2 years ago, she didn't like the fit so she sold it to me. The fit is pretty weird and it's a bit big on me but we both looooveee the color!

Ugh that blouse doesn't match with anything in my wardrobe =3=;;; Plus it has engrish on it! The engrish says: "The bride chose roses instead of tulips for her bouquet x3" I didn't get what it meant so I googled it up and apparently, the type of flower suggests the formality of the wedding. Roses are formal and traditional whereas tulips are casual. Something new I learned today thanks to the ENGRISH ON MY SHIRT>D<

My mom also proceeded to ask me why I have a bobbing Monkey on a toilet toy. I told her that my bf's a Monkey that likes to poop a lot. She then asked what the book was for, hoping I'd say: "he likes to study a lot". I replied with: yeah I dunno...

Yay I blogged twice in one day! Makes up for the lack of posts from last week JAJAJAJA~