What is left

Over a year ago, I had this intense obsession with popping. No not popping bottles (ain't an alcoholic -pokeface-) but the dance style~ I took some classes with my best friend and I got hooked : D That was over a year ago, fast forward to now ----> I've stopped dancing (most active thing I do is struggle to climb outta bed) and the only remains of that time are: awesome memories, met some crazy people, a few videos posted on fb & some article of clothing. I still really enjoy watching popping but I am not as nearly motivated for all the intense drilling and practices.
So today's outfit kinda reminded me of that time : D YUP, that's as street/urban as I get ---> Look at me wiggle like a brick ~[o__o]~ ~/o__o/~ ~\o__o\~

Denim Shirt: H&M, Everything 'cept denim shirt: Zipia