Today, I didn't feel like doing anything , I just wanna lay in my bed~~~~ But I didn't! I hopped outta my bed and checked my e-mail. Last night, I was browsing through Kijiji and saw an ad for the sigma 10-20mm for 475$, I emailed the seller around 11pm. He replied me this morning at 7am and said that he'll sell it to me for 425$ (includes lens hood and UV filter)! I got so giddy and called him up instantly! We agreed to meet around 1-2pm at his place~
I felt so incredibly happy when I saw the lens! 3 weeks of pay gone one-shot like that but it felt so good FINALLY buying this lens! I've been wanting it ever since 2010 however that year, I spent soooo much on camera equipment, I couldn't afford to buy more! Last year, I went on a trip to Europe (+ I can never save up adequately because I always splurge on clothes). This year, I've decided to splurge less on clothes, save more money and live frugally. So far, I think it's heading in a good direction, though I bet my boyfriend would beg to differ! Guys don't understand how it's like to be a shopaholic D:

Afterwards, I went to sell some of my old clothes to my friends in East2West and then I went to Mail Champlain to buy some tanktops and met up with the monkey. I wanted to take more pictures with my new lens but I was really tired : - P I think this lens is a really good all purpose lens for the type of photography I do (which is capturing my life moments). I'm so excited to test it out tomorrow!

A really cool bracelet I saw in F21, though I think it wouldn't be convenient to wear, plus my style isn't that funky so I didn't buy it~ I did feel exotic wearing it : 3

Elephants are so in right now, I remember it was owls a few years ago~ BUT PANDAS ARE FOREVER IN STYLE ;D BWUAHAHA! I really liked this bracelet, if only it wasn't black, I probably would've bought it~

I was soooooo amused by this keychain from Ardene. It's a cow that when you squeeze, his heart pops outta his stomach! It's sooooo cute and I think my friends Cholhee and Carmen whom I refer to as Moolhee and Carmoo (they're a cow couple, yes I tend to associate my friends with animals. Except for Niv, she's a carrot!)

Monkey and I also went into Armee du Salut to kill time and he found a set of 2 weights (10kg each) for only 10$! I've never seen him so giddy when it comes to shopping : P It was a funny sight!

Later on, I met up with my dad and Niv and we practiced driving for TWO HOURS! It flew by though and didn't feel long at all ~ Because of the Desjardins rejection, I got so pumped up to finally start driving! I can't believe I'm saying this but it's actually pretty fun : D I am pretty tired now from the intense concentration but I feel very productive : > I've been practicing driving every day since Monday! No OOTD this time because I didn't have time to stop and just take a picture of my outfit!