I like busy days :-)

I first saw these flowery pants on Zipia and I loved the whimsical print! If you know me, I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky person and I imagine happy-go-lucky people like me to frolick in flower fields :P Minus the fields for me (there might be caterpillars) and slap em on some pants please!

Unfortunately, these pants were 48$ (excluding shipping) on Zipia so I didn't buy them.

A few weeks later, I saw the same print on a pair of minishorts on Forever21.com. They didn't release it until some time later and as soon as they came in stock, I bought them! I only had the chance to wear them this week because the weather is finally heating up! -FROLICKS-

Today I went hiking on Mont-Royal with Lumama and her friends Steph, Mia and Jenny :) I had to wake up at 7am and meet them downtown at 9am and I'm really not a morning person! However, it was worth it because they are really cool and nice people so it was fun hanging around them! They're one year older than me but so much more ahead in terms of life/studies! My cardio is so bad that after jogging uphill for 5 minutes, I was huffing and puffing like a fat panda~

This was taking on top of Mont Royal (before meeting up with the others at the studio), Lu's reaction when she got her kiss stolen by a dog : P

MOCHA is Jenny's dog, he's such a cutie : DDDD He's not interested in girls though, only male dogs ;D

The girls and the guys of East 2 West practicing a routine for their May 25th show in Chinatown! GO SUPPORT THEM IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!

I'm just wearing reallllyyy casual stuffs :P Top & hoodie from Zipia, shorts from Forever21. YESSSS PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING I OWN IS FROM ZIPIA D;;;;

Detail shot of the print on my shorts, they are high-waisted too :) Hmmm... is this counted as nudity?! D: OFFENSIVE 18+ MATERIAL?!?! EXCUSE DA SKIN, PRETEND IT AIN'T THERE =D I'm just casually posing next to Tiff's beautiful bag <3 It's such a pretty color~

Pho Nguyen is my favourite place to go! I could eat chicken pho forever <3 I PHOKING LOVE PHO!

Marie and her 'stache : 3 It was our Eurotrip inside joke 'cause whenever I took a picture of her, a strand of hair would magically form beneath her nostrils in the shape of a mustacheeee! JAJAJAJA!

I left the others early to go home and practice driving with my dad and Niv again! It's really funny because we're both noobs on the road following eachother! A lot of progress has been made since Monday, I've practiced ~2 hours every day since Monday and I can already drive on big boulevards :) I just REALLY need my glasses 'cause I'm pretty near-sighted so I can't see well (enough to distinguish shapes but not read text). I'm excited to practice some more driving next week!