Forever Clumsy

Right after I rant about how gloomy and ugly the weather is, I have finally been rewarded with a bright and beautiful day! It was a perfect day to catch up with Janie and Shan whom I haven't seen since Cegep (2 years ago)! It's crazy how fast time flies after HS, every year seems like a blur of memories and emotions.
I decided to wear my heels that day and I almost killed myself ('cause my shoes got hooked together by this random hook on my shoe :C -confuzzling sentence-). Both my feet got caught together and I projected forward like a baseball :-P I let out a loud scream and everyone around me just stared... It was very embarassing :P And 2 minutes later, I tripped again, though this time I didn't fly :P When I told Janie, she laughed and said: "That's soooo totally something you would do :P" -FOREVER CLUMSY-

Cute girls with cute food! Janie didn't even finish her crepe so me and Shan devoured it for her >: D CLASSY LADIES BWUEHEHEHE!

Haha I got too impatient that I busted out my summer shorts already : P *points at the heels* DAMN YOU ALMOST KILLED ME!!! HAHA for once nothing in my outfit is from Zipia >:D -SO PROUD!-

Leather jacket: Random shop in NYC
Shorts: G-market
Blue shirt: Korea (2 years ago)
Heels: Spring

A detailed/fail shot (tried to take this 15 minutes before heading out of the house :B who knew taking OOTD's would be so hard TT__TT)

It's so funny, we went to Old Port in hopes of taking some nice pictures : P In the end, I made them swing on the branches like monkeys BWUAHAHHA! (I'm such an evil photographer >:D) It was funny though! There was a huge duck too and Shan started chasing after it! There was also a duck couple, the male duck kept running after the female : P Spring is the season of love after all!

After our little girls outing I met up with Monkey and our mutual friends. We ate Jajangmyun and chilled a bit before going home~ It's fun to hang out with friends you haven't seen for a long time!