Baby, it's cold outside!

I shot this set of photos at the beginning of January and I only got around to posting it now. Bwuaaah I can be the biggest procrastinator sometimes >___<;;; The light was amazing on this freezing day and even though I had a stomach flu that morning, I had to go out and shoot! Thank goodness it resolved by the golden hour. For some reason, I got sick a lot this winter despite having a relatively stress-free time. I guess it is my body's way of telling me that I have limits. Sometimes I get really excited about an idea and I become super restless and high-strung. That's how I felt after Diane proposed that we have a daytime photo shoot with sparklers. I'm familiar with night time photo shoots with sparklers so the idea of shooting with sparklers during the day time intrigued me. Will the flashes of light even show? Lighting sparklers in -25C weather was a challenge but I think we got some pretty good shots ;) Anything for a good photo right!