La Lumiere du Mile End

Picking a good brunch spot on a Saturday morning always makes me break out in a sweat. The most popular brunch places always have a long line-up and waiting to eat is like attending a symphony starring my grumbling belly. That's why I asked Miss Adri to meet me as soon as La Lumiere du Mile End opened so that we did not have to wait.

La Lumiere du Mile End is a vegan restaurant and its ambiance reminds me of the inside of a cute artsy aunt's dining room. I especially liked the colorful paper cut outs dangling in the air. I ordered an avocado sandwich and Adri got a burrito and both dishes came with a handful tortilla chips as sides. I was feeling plain that day since I had eaten a ton of junk over the week so I liked my sandwich. I'm not quite sure if the dish was worth the price, perhaps if we had a side of salad instead of tortilla chips. If you're looking for a place where you can enjoy your brunch without being stared down by 10 hungry eyes waiting in line, then I would suggest you to try La Lumiere du Mile End.

I'm leaving for Portugal and Spain in 4 days with Miss Adri! This will be my first adult world vacation. I can't believe that I have been working straight since last summer. I used to skip class so often to sleep in (even though I lived on campus). Up until now, I have only missed one day of work. Time moves so quickly when you are working full time that I feel like a drone going through the same routine. I'm grateful for this little break to reflect on some important things and to enjoy a new environment. I'm very excited to write a guide for Spain and Portugal once I come back :-) Please look forward to it!