A Taste of the Nomad Life

When it's -30C outside, you can't help but want to slip away to far off lands where snow is only a figment of one's imagination. For only 30$, that is entirely possible at La Khaima. As soon as you step into this restaurant, you are transported into a berber tent ready to head out into the Sahara desert.  Cozy cushions, eclectic patterns, colorful draperies, dangling lamps *blink blink* are we still in Montreal?   The atmosphere was cozy and comfortable: just what we needed for some intimate girl talk. We laughed so much that night, winter didn't seem so cold anymore in warm company.

La Khaima has a fixed set menu consisting of pita with an assortment of dips, 3 variety of tajines (vegetable, chicken and beef), dessert and cleanse it all off with some mint tea. We weren't the only ones enjoying this place because as the night went on, it became more and more packed. 

For New Year's, I finally upgraded my camera to a Canon EOS 6D (full frame baby!) I'm super ecstatic because the quality is outta this world compared to my old rebel. I was debating for months before taking the plunge because a full frame is super expensive but I'm so glad I did. Sometimes it's worth forking over a bit more money for high quality. 

Please look forward to better photos from now on :-)