Breezy Essaouira

On our last day in Morocco, Miss Adri and I decided to escape the scorching heat by visiting Essaouira, the nearest coastal town (they filmed Game of Thrones there too)! It was a nice change of pace from Marrakesh and it's only 2 hours away by bus. Everyone looked relaxed and the shop owners didn't even bother haggling with us when they didn't like our price (whereas in Marrakesh, Adri and I weren't allowed to leave a shop without infinite rounds of "No no... give me your lasssst price!" (but we just gave you our last price 5x D:) 

 Essaouira's charm definitely derives from  its cracked white buildings with blue doors, fish markets and fortified walls. Because of the wind, it was pretty chilly that day and I shivered while watching Miss Adri dip herself in the ocean BRRRRR.  A friend had told us that Essaouira specialized in sardines so we ordered some for lunch. As soon as we sat down to chow, stray cats came flocking to our table meowing for some leftovers. Some of the cats were so skinny and beaten-looking but it turns out that starving cats have their preferences too: no guts! 

Speaking of food preferences, I had ZI BEST BANANA & NUTELLA CREPE of my life in Essaouira (another specialty). The fact that it was dirt cheap made the crepe taste even better! We also passed by several bakeries that had mouth-watering mille feuille and other yummy pastries on display but we were too full to try some TT___TT. Sometimes I wish that I could have multiple stomachs so that I can keep on eating!