Curing the winter blues

There is nothing better to cure winter blues than to drink your sorrows away! And that's exactly what I did yesterday! My friend Shuyun invited me to go to an ice wine tasting event organized by the CCAS. Usually, I don't like to go to big events because I'm lazy (it's so cold outside!). But this semester, I feel a lot of pressure and anxiety which is why thought that it'd be good to unwind myself in the company of friends with some wine : D

We went to La Face Cachee de la Pomme (The Hidden Face of the Apple), one of the pioneers of Quebec's ice cider. We were given a guided tour around the vineyard and the processing facilities. It felt as if I was on one of my food science field trips X-P, helloooo fermentation!

This was inside the tasting area, we weren't allowed to take pictures inside the other facilities. Unfortunately, we were a huge group that day so I missed some parts of the talk of the different types of ciders/wine. If you're curious, have a look at their website or even better, take a fieldtrip there!

Some were a bit too sweet for my taste, others were delicious: I particularly liked the winter harvest and this limited edition one whose name escapes me >__>;;; It's not available in stores and only on location D;

No need for fridges here in Canada, we store everything outside bwuahaha!

So bright but oh-so-cold!

Cheeeers everyone!

Thank you Shuyun for inviting us ^___^ It was super fun! I definitely don't regret going out even though it was super cold that day (I wore 2 layers of thick leggings + over the knee socks, because I didn't have any pants at home).

Typical Canadian thing to do: putting everything that's syrupy on ice to make it into a taffy! No exception for the ice cider that was of viscous consistency. 

There were still a few apples hanging around on the trees. I'm not quite sure if they're used for the cider/ice wine, they do not look optimal .___. *was too busy snapping pictures to listen to the guide*.

Lily got a bit of red cheeks from drinking all that wine :-P After we had some drinks, it felt nice to go outside ^___^~ Should've done the tasting in the first place! 
After the ice wine, I went to eat with my good friend and ex-roommate Minji. She's going on exchange to Australia so we caught up. It was really fun and made me think about other things. 

This semester, I feel very anxious about school because I have to find an internship for this summer (it counts as a course). I get super nervous when it comes to interviews even if I prepare myself well in advance >___>;;; So everyday I feel a lot of pressure which it's why it was nice to go out on Sunday instead of staying inside, cooped up in my own dark thoughts about the future *__*. 

On the happier end, I still have one last Japan post coming up so I hope you'll stick around to read it : }