Meet me at Tommy

Earlier this year, I found out that my favourite cafe: Fuschia Epicerie Fleur closed its doors. My heart broke in two. Who's gonna spread flower petals over my coffee now? *cries* In order to get over the heart break, I bounced in and out of a couple of coffee shops. They each had their charms but none of them swept me off my feet until I met Tommy. A handsome hunk of a cafe that recently opened in Montreal's Old Port. High ceilings with Victorian details, check, ample natural lighting, check, real luscious plants, check, marble tables, check, wooden planks, checkmate! Ahh I'm running out of breath trying to enumerate all the things that this place does right.  The owner told us that the space was vacant for years before they converted it into a cafe.   

Tommy is really spacious. You can slurp your iced coffee with a group of friends at the communal table or bury your nose inside a book on one of their sofas. Tommy is an ideal place for a first date because it's fresh, bright and full of hope just like your potential relationship ;D:D They also serve apĂ©ritifs in case you want to loosen up a bit on your date ;D:D. Guys, please take my tip. The prices aren't too steep ($3.00 for an iced coffee) so a visit to this cafe won't break your bank.

Adrienne and I enjoyed our drinks and chit chatted about life and our blogs.  She recently revamped her entire blog which you can check out at
We are excited to bring you guys better visual content in the future :)