Redpath Museum

On Sunday, I wanted to test out some the Brenizer technique with Monkey so we went to school to find a perfect backdrop.  We passed by the Redpath Museum, it was screening Artic Tale; the life cycle of a mother walrus and her calf, and the life of a polar bear and her cubs -- are used to illustrate the harsh realities of existence in the Arctic.  

Monkey loves to watch animal documentaries so we decided to watch it.  I wasn't too enthusiastic about the movie because I wanted to take more pictures. Funnily enough, I think I enjoyed the movie more than Monkey and even bawled my eyes out when the auntie walrus got eaten by the polar bear *sorry for spoiling haha*. Monkey laughed at me and said that even the kids didn't cry! It was just SOOOOOOOO SAAAAD!  Yes, the room was filled with kids and their parents. The animals are so cute and I just kept wondering how they filmed it??? It's also amazing to see how much animals strive for survival. All they want is food in their belly and they're happy~  Humans should learn something from them : O


Before the movie, I prompted Monkey to take an OOTD for me. I'm wearing the same color palette as my last post but the look is very different : P  I've been wearing my Hunters non-stop, it's probably the most expensive thing in my closet  =_+; Rainboots might not be warm but they're so useful for the slush pools in Montreal! 

Jacket: G-market
Scarf: Lowry's Farm (Japan)
Belt and bag: Zipia (2+ years ago)
Dress: Forever21 (mom's)


Once again, I want to demonstrate how cool Brenizer method is~ This is what I would otherwise obtain without the technique.

And this is a picture obtained using the Brenizer method :-) I'm so proud, I think this is like the only picture I've taken so far where everything stitched perfectly! The Redpath Museum is actually quite interesting, it's a nice place to hang out on a cold day~ Plus it's free! They screen documentaries every Sunday and you get cupcakes :D You can't say no to cupcakes!

My housemate Erin me showed this cute and sad animation sometime ago featuring polar bears. You guys should have a look, it's very interesting! It actually has more to do with diabetes than polar bears and the song is so catchy! I almost cried for this video too... ahh I'm sucha loser =___=;;;