Guanajuato: A Dream Come True!

A few years ago, I googled "colorful Mexican houses" and stumbled upon Guanajuato. I was instantly smitten by its charms and swore I would visit this place in the future. Six years have passed since that initial Google search and we finally made it to Guanajuato! It exceeded my expectations by far and we stayed at an Airbnb with premium rooftop views. So pretty that my eyes almost jumped out of its sockets! Adri and I hiked up and down the hillside alleys: our favourite way to explore a town. During this trip, Adri and I spent a lot of time reflecting on gratitude and privilege. Many times in our daily lives, we compare ourselves to our peers who are further ahead or more accomplished and feel lacking. I know I suffer from it whenever I'm having a tough day and I scroll through Facebook. In those moments, I have to intentionally remind myself of all the good that's already present in my life. 

Here are some places that you should visit while in Guanajuato:
  • Jardin de la Union - Best plaza in town to get some shade and watch the people go about their day. Guanajuato is a University town so not only are the buildings lively, the town has its own pulse. 
  • Monumento al Pipila - The funicular is shut down for maintenance until further notice so Adri and I zigzagged our way up to the hill top where we had a splendid view of the pastel-colored town. Totally worth it!
  • Mummy Museum - If you are interested in a shockingly morbid experience, this museum is not to be missed! There is nothing like witnessing death to make you ponder about life.
  • Mercado Hidalgo - If you haven't lost your appetite at the mummy museum, head over to Mercado Hidalgo for some delicious meat tostas. We always recommend looking for the stall with the most locals.
  • Aguamiel Cafe - Hands down my favourite meal in Guanajuato. Aguamiel serves up healthy options for a steal. Adri and I had their breakfast omellette with salad and french toast drizzled in yogurt, pears, cranberries and oats for 95 pesos! That's less than $7 CAD for both dishes combined!
  • Cafe Tal - Craving coffee? Stop by Cafe Tal for a delicious frappucino that will jolt you back to life. 

*WARNING* Pictures below are not for the faint-hearted! I suggest you to scroll down really quickly if you don't wish to see mummy pictures. 

Savouring Sights in San Miguel de Allende

Adri and I just came back from 8 days of exploring Mexico and I'm super excited to share these photos with you. Our first destination was San Miguel de Allende: a UNESCO heritage site that boasts as one of the prettiest cities in Mexico. We spent the bulk of our days walking along the pretty cobblestone streets, people-watching at El Jardín with a cup of mangos or some icecream, exploring the artisan market and the art galleries at Fabrica La Aurora and hiked up the richer part of town with gorgeous mansions and a great view. We were lucky that the weather was mostly sunny and we only experienced mild thundershowers for a small portion of our stay. May is low season so the streets weren't crowded and we did not encounter many foreign tourists compared to some other countries we've visited. We wanted to have a relaxing vacation so we indulged as much as our bellies could take. If you are what you eat, then I am made up of tacos, mangos, icecream, pastries and coffee! San Miguel was the most peaceful destination on our list and a great start to a much-needed vacation!

Here are some places that we loved in San Miguel:

  • El Jardin and Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel - The town's central plaza and the iconic pink pastel church where you can enjoy a cup of fruit and people watch. If you're lucky, you might catch a wedding procession or mariachi bands!
  • Fabrica La Aurora - If you enjoy art, then this Factory-converted-into-gallery is a great place to spend an early morning. We had a lot of fun browsing through the 50 art studios, galleries and furniture shops.
  • Mercado de Artesanias - If you're looking for Mexican folk art souvenirs, this is the place to go. Also a great place to grab some local food at a fonda.
  • El Pato - The most tender lamb barbacao and mixiote (traditional pit-barbecued meat dish) served by the sweetest owners. This lil family-run restaurant will make your belly feel right at home! The owner even showed us the agave plant that she uses to season her barbacoa!
  • Andy's Taco Cart - Andy only comes out at sunset so prepare to leave your best meal for the end of the day. Some of the tastiest el pastor tacos I've had and within minutes of appearing, it was already surrounded by locals. 
  • Lavanda Cafe - Enjoy a delicious brunch & coffee in a lovely courtyard setting. Make sure to get there early or there will be a line-up!

One of the highlights of this trip is waiting at Starbucks for 3 hours for the sun to set so that we can hit up Andy's taco cart (he only comes out at sunset). The tacos were so good, we gobbled them up in no time and asked for seconds! We could not have ended the night in a better way!