Savouring Sights in San Miguel de Allende

Adri and I just came back from 8 days of exploring Mexico and I'm super excited to share these photos with you. Our first destination was San Miguel de Allende: a UNESCO heritage site that boasts as one of the prettiest cities in Mexico. We spent the bulk of our days walking along the pretty cobblestone streets, people-watching at El Jardín with a cup of mangos or some icecream, exploring the artisan market and the art galleries at Fabrica La Aurora and hiked up the richer part of town with gorgeous mansions and a great view. We were lucky that the weather was mostly sunny and we only experienced mild thundershowers for a small portion of our stay. May is low season so the streets weren't crowded and we did not encounter many foreign tourists compared to some other countries we've visited. We wanted to have a relaxing vacation so we indulged as much as our bellies could take. If you are what you eat, then I am made up of tacos, mangos, icecream, pastries and coffee! San Miguel was the most peaceful destination on our list and a great start to a much-needed vacation! 

One of the highlights of this trip is waiting at Starbucks for 3 hours for the sun to set so that we can hit up Andy's taco cart (he only comes out at sunset). The tacos were so good, we gobbled them up in no time and asked for seconds! We could not have ended the night in a better way!