Let them eat cake

In my opinion, there is no better way to start the weekend than to sip a warm latte with a buttery croissant in hand at a quiet coffee shop. The day is still young and all you need is some sugar and caffeine to get your engine started. When I found out there was a cute pastry shop in Adrienne's hood, I knew that we had to visit.  Le Petit Trianon is cute in a dainty feminine way. The decor was sparse yet inviting with its tiny framed Vogue illustrations and handmade dolls.

In the land of pastry trends, a croissant and a cupcake decided to mate and give birth to crocake. Crocakes are filled with a variety of fillings and on the menu that day was passionfruit cream.  It was tasty but a bit messy to eat because the dough is denser than a regular croissant and the filling was exploding from all sides. I really wanted to try the Trianon cake (a type of pudding tart topped with chocolate mousse) but they didn't have any that day :-( Oh well, that will be my excuse to come back!

Under a green canopy

Two weekends ago, I met up with some friends whom I haven't seen in a long time: Shuyun and Amanda at Cafe Santropol.  It's always like that, you swear that you will grab some some drinks in the near future but then life steps in and throws homework, overtime at work, relationship problems, trips, family obligations and before you know it, half a year has passed by!  It was really nice meeting up with them and we exchanged our stories of love, disappointment and hopes for the future while gobbing down healthy vegetarian food. Our conversations made me think a lot about personal growth. Both Shuyun and Amanda are undertaking responsibilities that challenge their critical thinking, people skills and time management. I felt a little left behind because I had gotten quite comfortable at work. Often times, we have a general idea of who we are, what we like and we don't really step out of our boundaries. But it is by stepping outside these borders that you are able to discover what makes your heart sing or what you absolutely hate. I, myself am a creature of comfort. I love the comfort of certainty but I am also aware that nothing in life is guaranteed. As such, I made a silent oath to myself that I shall try to be braver and take more initiative. Thank you for the inspiration girls :)