Jess + Shelton + Baby

When my friend Jess announced to me that Shelton and her are expecting a baby, I let out a hearty squeal! 
Jess: the daredevil thrill-seeker, world explorer, internationally-educated Cordon Bleu chef, the eternal prankster and the girl with the dragon back tattoo (for real, she has one!) is settling into motherhood! I was super happy for her and Shelton and a bit surprised because I always envisioned Jess as an adventurous gal that has an appetite for thrill. Perhaps a bit naive of me to assume this false dichotomy since I acknowledge that motherhood is a different type of adventure. Jess told me that she didn't think of herself as a motherly type either prior to getting pregnant but sometimes life brings you a pleasant surprise. It made me reflect a lot: "How can we know we don't want something if we haven't experienced it? Sure, we can imagine how an experience might turn out most of the time but sometimes you might just surprise yourself". Jess told me that Shelton didn't like to take pictures but when we met up, he brought a pumpkin as a prop because he was researching maternity photoshoots! HAHA guys always say they don't like pictures but then they turn out to be more enthusiastic than the girl.  I just love shooting these two: how gorgeous are they?! Please look forward to pictures of their mocha-colored baby in the near future :) 

Cozy Cabin Retreat at Mont-Ham

This past month has been pretty hectic for me as I tried to squeeze too many things into my schedule. This weekend's hiking and cabin retreat was the perfect antidote to my frazzled nerves. I really need to learn the art of leaving white space in my life.  Anyhow, we decided to do some hiking at Mont-Ham and stayed at a warm and cozy Airbnb chalet. Our hosts were really sweet and made us feel right at home with some waffles and chit chat. After an intensive hike up the mountain and a challenging downward hike with lots of slippery mud and rocks, we were so happy to settle into our comfortable chalet. We ended the night with some spicy Korean army stew and homey banana pudding. We devoured the food in a blink of an eye 'cause we were so hungry from the hike haha! Being in nature felt so peaceful, all my work stresses melted onto the floor. For now I'll leave them on the floor, I'll pick them up on Monday :) 

All Hygged out in Copenhagen

Hello! I just got back from a short solo trip to Copenhagen, Denmark and I've fallen head over heels for this handsome city! I'll write a more comprehensive blog post on what I did and what I ate later but I can't help myself from posting a few snippets in the meanwhile. Copenhagen is easily the most aesthetically pleasing city I've visited: the architecture is clean, the people are relaxed and friendly, every corner, chair and pastry is instagram-worthy. The Danish are known for their excellent taste in design: it's modest yet tasteful, simple yet sophisticated, the right balance between beautiful form and functionality! What stood out the most to me is how comfortable the people seem. No one was in a crazy rush to get to places, the people were reserved but very friendly upon approach and everyone from the young to the old are good-looking and stylish. I could not stop staring!

I'm so glad I chose Copenhagen for my first solo trip because the city was so easy to navigate and the locals very fluent in English. This is the first time I travelled by myself and I had a great time! It felt really comfortable going at my own pace, taking the time to savour the moment and adjusting my itinerary as I saw fit. For some reason, I always thought that I'd feel lonely travelling by myself because I wouldn't have anyone to share my joy with. I'm surprised to prove myself wrong! You know what this means? More solo adventures in the future!