Let's Flea the Cold

On Valentine's day, I discovered St-Michel's flea market. From the outside, it looked like those shady furniture warehouses that are semi-closed down but when we stepped in, we were greeted by a huge maze of AWESOME STUFF STUFF STUFF! They had all kinds of vintage items from beautiful lamps and watches, weird artifacts to old video games and local crafts. I had so much fun perusing through the aisles and pointing at the weird knick knacks. They had salt n' pepper shakers in every shape imaginable. No doubt about it, this is where all the local hipsters get their home deco! There are two floors: the ground floor has a garage sale feeling whereas the upper floor has fancier furniture and is more upscale. My favourite part of the St-Michel flea market is a store on the second floor that has a wall of early 1900's black & white photographs. Thank goodness for the paradox of choice because I wanted every print so I didn't get any (my wallet emerged alive).

They should definitely set up a cafe in there because our enthusiasm waned after browsing for 4 hours... A little sugar wouldn't have hurt. If you're looking for something to do on a cold February day, I highly recommend you to drop by St-Michel's flea market.

Let's end this post with some lovin' :-) I hope everyone had a pleasant valentine's day and remember that you always have a special someone (yourself) TEEHEEE~ Cheers :)

Do Nut Hole Yourself Inside

When it's cold outside, all I want to do is morph into a pillow (my life ambition). If it weren't for my routine meet ups with friends, I'd probably never see the living daylight because I'd be snuggling under my covers all day long. My Sunday routine includes: Miss Adri, some baltering, some coffee and daydreaming about our future adventures.  We headed to Chez Boris to plan our upcoming trip to Portugal and Spain.  I can hardly contain my excitement :-)))) Last spring, we went to Morocco and over the summer I read the Alchemist. Even though the bulk of the book takes place in Morocco, it actually made me want to visit Spain. We won't be frolicking through the fields of Andalusia but we will be stopping in Barcelona and Madrid before we jump over to Portugal.   

On a sidenote: Chez Boris' donuts are a crispy delight in your mouth! I usually prefer chewy textures but I enjoyed their donuts a lot. I especially like the one with the chocolate powdered sugar (I mistakenly ate them all lol).