Maternity Session with Yingying

A few weeks ago, Yingying asked me if I would be down to shoot her maternity session. The first time I got asked to shoot a maternity session, I didn't have the confidence to accept the offer. This year, I've decided to push my boundaries and get more intimate with my subjects therefore I agreed on the spot. I shot Yingying and Michael two years ago and we had such a good time; they are the sweetest couple and I'm so happy that they're expecting a baby girl this summer. When it comes to being in front of the camera, Yingying is like a fish in water. Michael claims to be shy but he was just as smooth. When you're that much in love, gentle embraces and soft kisses come naturally. I thought I would feel a bit awkward when we got more intimate but instead, I was in awe of Yingying's body. She is tiny and the bump looked so heavy yet she still carried herself with grace and beauty. I think baby Mia could hear the shutter click because she kept moving around. We even got to witness her little kicks. She wants to be part of the photoshoot! Once again we had a lot of fun and I wish Yingying and Michael a smooth delivery. I can't wait to see little Mia, mixed babies are the cutest!

(I chose not to display some sets out of modesty and humbleness toward Yingying and Michael's family.)

A Chocolate-y World

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a complete chocoholic! If there's a stash of chocolate somewhere, I'll eat it. If you have a stash of chocolate somewhere, I'll eat it too. So when Adri told me about the Cacao 70 Factory that opened near our neighborhoods, I couldn't wait to pay a visit! Heading the factory are the previous owners of Le Petit Trianon, a cosy little coffee shop in Westmount that closed a year ago. They had to close their cafe because the owners were offered this golden opportunity that required all their time and attention. But it was a worthy sacrifice because this place is a sensory experience of its own! The Cacao 70 Factory is different from their retail eateries because it functions as a testing ground for new recipes. They have a limited menu of drinks and mostly manufacture their adorably packaged chocolate bars. Because it was a sweltering hot day, Adri and I each got a frappucino: salted caramel for me and mochacino for Adri. I love the industrial interior mixed with the millenium pink metal accents. They have giant windows and  ample seating room for big groups and small groups to enjoy a chocolatey experience. I'm so excited that it's only a 10-minute walk from my apartment! You know where to find me! 

The Art of Simple Living

This post has been sitting in my drafts for some time because I couldn't organize my thoughts into a cohesive blog post. For some time, I've been interested in the minimalism movement and simple living. Now I get that some people might roll their eyes because a lot of people who practice this lifestyle don't seem so "minimal" but I think the name is a misnomer. Minimalism isn't about owning a set number of possessions or having bare walls and minimal furnishing. It's not about giving up what you value so that you can live a deprived lifestyle, in fact, minimalism is about redirecting your most precious resources (time, attention and money) to the things and people you value the most.  It's about living with intention and living life according to what you think is the most important.  For the majority of my life, I had been complicating things too much and now I finally realize that the best things are in the simple things. Many memorable moments are the ones that don't stand out in the moment but linger indefinitely in your mind. Last year, I managed to substantially decrease my physical clutter but I piled up on mental clutter. This year's goal is to declutter my mind and release my grasp on all these goals floating in my head. The best way to declutter your brain is to spend some quality time with quality friends.