Feeling the LOV

Earlier last week, Eli and I checked out LOV's new downtown location and tried some vegan burgers. They were pretty filling but I gotta say: I still prefer my juicy regular burger. It felt nice to hangout and unwind after work. It's funny to think that a year ago, I didn't really know Eli. She was a friend of a friend whom I met at a Tori Kelly concert and we got along but I'm always wary about referring friends or working in close proximity with friends. The reason is because any work environment can generate tension easily: with tight deadlines, high stress and team work, you're bound to get frustrated from time to time. Fortunately, Eli and I have the same values and work ethic (I think she's even harder working than I am) so naturally we became buddies even outside work. I'm pretty happy that it worked out this way because as we get older, it's harder to start new friendships. We often have so many things to juggle on our plates that making time to nurture a new relationship can be daunting. This is a reminder for me to prioritize friendships and make time for the people that count.    

Belated 26th Birthday

It's been a while since I've thrown a few random photos together and called it a blog post. Today seems like a fine day to do so since I'm celebrating my birthday belatedly on the blog and in real life. My birthday was last Wednesday but I didn't have time to celebrate because I had a wedding gig the weekend before and the weekend after my birthday. I wanted to take a break from all the editing so Frog and I hopped over to Agrikol to enjoy their patio. They have a special BBQ menu for the patio which is a little bit pricier than their indoor menu but the experience is well worth it. I just love the relaxed backyard vibe with the bright yellow picnic tables and pretty white patio sets. I jokingly told Frog that my dream wedding would be a backyard wedding with sparkling lights dangling from trees and a very warm and homey feeling. We ought to reserve Agrikol right now for our reception. He wasn't too keen on the idea :-/ Anyhow, I'm actually happy to be turning a year older. It means that more experiences, life lessons and beautiful memories awaits and that I'm getting closer to the person I aspire to be. I'm finally starting to achieve a balance between work, personal life and my creative aspirations. I know things will only get better so I'm excited to see what 26 has in store for me! Let's give 26 a BIG WELCOME HUG! 

L'Amour du Pain

Frog and I spend most evenings strolling in our neighbourhood and we often stumble on cafes/bakeries in mid-construction and make a mental note to visit when they open. I've been waiting for L'Amour du Pain to open ever since I spotted their stylish rose-gold stools and googled images of their chocolate croissants. So on a sunny Monday morning, we decided to grab breakfast there. My mind was set on a chocolate croissant and Frog got an olive bread shaped as a leaf. The croissant was flaky and not overly oily (which I like) and there were small bits of chocolate inside. I wished that I asked to pop my croissant in the microwave for a few seconds because nothing is better than some melted chocolate :Q Nevertheless, I still enjoyed my croissant, it had just the right amount of crisp and chew. They had a huge selection of breads, baguettes, pastries, tarts and sandwiches and their shelves displayed artisanal coffee, soda and jam products. We really enjoyed the atmosphere of the bakery: it fits so well with Griffintown. Next time I want to try a slice of their cakes: they're almost too pretty to eat!